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Dental Justice, a subsidiary of Medical Justice, is the original medico-legal advocacy group that protects you from frivolous claims. Dental Justice delivers a time-tested process that protects dentists from frivolous malpractice claims. Dental Justice fights unrealistic patient expectations and unwarranted claims with a proven 3-step process combining prevention, early action and counteraction. To decrease your risk of malpractice suits by up to 80%, contact Dental Justice today!

PREVENTION – Deter frivolous claims, Internet defamation LEARN MORE >

  • Establish preemptive infrastructure to deter plaintiffs with meritless claims without interfering with the patient-doctor relationship.
  • Take advantage of an easy-to-implement Web Anti-defamation solution
    that balances patients’ rights with doctors’ concerns.

EARLY ACTION – Address unwarranted demands for refunds LEARN MORE >

  • Practice infrastructure and processes / documentation to deter unwarranted
    demands for refunds or write-offs.

COUNTERACTION – Proven, successful counterclaim strategies LEARN MORE >

  • Medical Justice allocates up to $100K to pursue viable counterclaims against any or all proponents of frivolous suits.

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