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DISAPPEAR is a program which addresses unreasonable demands for refunds:

Why do we need the “DISAPPEAR” Program? Some patients do not want to pay for the work you perform; they want their money back, or they want more free porcelain veneers, or two crowns for the price of one. Or they want you to pay for your colleague/competitor to “redo their smile.” You know the story. You can see that the result is as expected. But, you are not going to make everyone happy.

The DISAPPEAR program is a free value-added service to help those dentists deal effectively with those patients who either unjustly demand their money back or demand additional services at no charge.

Through this time-tested service to members, Dental Justice provides an assertive way to say “No” while keeping a positive “face” on an admittedly delicate situation.

If you decide that you want to provide a partial or full refund, Dental Justice can make available templates for a release designed to provide closure and prevent escalation.

“An assertive way to say No while keeping a positive face.”