About Us

1. What is the DISAPPEAR Program?
Ever received an unwarranted demand for a refund? The DISAPPEAR program is a free value-added service to help those dentists who are not reimbursed by third party insurance deal effectively with those patients who either unjustly demand their money back or additional services at no charge. Through this service to members, Dental Justice provides an assertive way to say “No” while keeping a positive “face” on an admittedly delicate situation.

2. What is the Monitor & Alert Program?
Dental Justice provides you with the tools you need to protect your practice online. We use cutting-edge search technology to scan the web for mentions of your name or your practice, and provides you with timely alerts of new mentions of your name and practice as they appear. Know what is being said about you online. The Monitor & Alert Program is an included member benefit and is provided at no additional cost.

eMerit, the dental reputation management program from Dental Justice, provides you with cutting-edge Internet marketing tools, designed to promote your practice online by developing a positive buffer of real patient reviews and protect your reputation with timely and HIPAA-compliant patient interaction. *Click here to learn more about eMerit >

*Additional fees apply

3. How does your program work with my existing medical malpractice insurance?
Typical malpractice policies pay for defense against a suit and payment of a settlement / judgment up to specific monetary limits. The structure of the liability system and the financial incentives to carriers often puts pressure on dentists to settle a “nuisance” claim to avoid additional legal bills and the risk of losing in court. Whereas malpractice policies generally do little to prevent or deter a lawsuit, Dental Justice emphasizes a proactive approach that is designed to deter a meritless lawsuit from being filed in the first place. A hidden component of this benefit is the company’s patented preemptive strategy, which sets the stage for success long before a frivolous suit is filed. The Dental Justice™ system is the only service designed to deter frivolous claims and enable viable responsive remedies against their proponents. The Dental Justice™ system has demonstrated ability to take action against all proponents of frivolous lawsuits. Every day, Dental Justice proves the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our goal is to complement the work of your insurer’s legal and claims teams, rather than work at cross-purposes to them. Your primary defense counsel remains “captain of the ship” until the underlying case is resolved. Because we understand the role and value of your carrier and your defense attorney, Dental Justice enjoys strong support from both entities.

4. What is your “PEER” program?
PEER stands for “Physician Enlisted-Expert Rebuttal”. The program works to match one or more volunteer experts in your specialty to assist your defense in deposition or court should you be sued. On the witness stand, the volunteer will be able to state honestly that he is not being paid anything for his time. Juries are generally accustomed to hearing the exact opposite; namely, that the experts are being paid $5,000, $10,000, or even more just to spend the day in court. Right or wrong, at those rates, juries may conclude that testimony is bought and paid for. The PEER program provides a differentiating alternative. This is a Dental Justice member benefit and is provided at no extra cost.

5. What is the cost of membership?
Costs vary according to specialty and service plan. However, Dental Justice Plans cost only
a percentage of the typical medical malpractice insurance premium. To receive an online quote, click on the link below or contact our Dental Justice Team at 1-877-336-5878 (1-877-DEN-JUSTice).

It’s not just good for security. It’s good for the profession.
Greg Stanley — President, Whitehall Management, Inc.