John Parks Trowbridge M.D., FACAM
President, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Almost no one knows about Dental (and Medical) Justice, and that’s a tragedy — because everyone relies on regular “malpractice” (professional liability) insurance as protection. But … why open the umbrella after the rain storm has already soaked you?

I’ve been a protected member of Medical Justice for over 3 years now. That means a good night’s sleep every night, because “Justice” will prevail almost every time! How so? Whenever an attorney sends a notice of intended lawsuit, Justice springs into action to advise the potential plaintiff’s counsel that a vigorous defense will be mounted, quickly and surely. Plaintiff counsel rarely face experts from the defense, regardless of what attorneys claim. Dental Justice — or their medical counterpart — specialize in defining clearly just what the plaintiff will face. What is sometimes surprising to the new member is how often this aggressive defense is successful in persuading a potential
plaintiff to simply go away ….. or even withdraw a suit after it has already been filed!

Football’s famous coach Vince Lombardi claimed that “The best defense is a good offense.” Dental Justice and Medical Justice have made a living putting that to the test … and winning … and winning … and winning. This program is the cheapest great night’s sleep you’ll ever purchase!


9 of 10
In Ohio, nine of ten intent to sue letters to Medical Justice members fail to convert to a legitimate suit.