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Deterrence, Early Action, Counterclaim Prosecution…
Run by dentists for dentists, Dental Justice is a word of mouth organization offering proactive services that protect dentists’ reputations and deter proponents of frivolous dental malpractice lawsuits.

Dental Justice Works…
Nationwide, dentists are sued for dental malpractice at a rate of 8-10%
For Dental Justice Members who implement the full system, the rate falls BELOW 1%!

How We Do It…
While Dental Justice is sensitive to the fact there are legitimate claims by patients who have
been harmed by negligent care, the fact remains that the majority of dental malpractice cases
are ultimately deemed without merit. Dental Justice harnesses the principles of dentistry,
law, and business to defeat dishonest plaintiffs, unethical dental malpractice attorneys, and
unscrupulous expert witnesses, using three key objectives:

  • Deter frivolous dental malpractice lawsuits by holding proponents accountable
  • Warn proponents of meritless malpractice lawsuits with a strategic Early Action Program
  • Enable members to implement viable remedies or pursue such action in Dental Justice’s
    name when requested and appropriate.
    Dental Justice protects dentists’ reputations and deters proponents of
    frivolous dental malpractice lawsuits in three primary ways:

  • Dental Justice Members are licensed to use Dental Justice’s intellectual property; deterring meritless legal actions, creating a critical practice infrastructure to strengthen the future use of legal remedies should a frivolous suit be pursued, and holding proponents accountable for their actions.
  • When a claim is made against a member dentist, Dental Justice activates an early
    action strategy. Not infrequently, this facet is enough to persuade the plaintiff to drop a
    meritless case.
  • If a frivolous case proceeds to court and results in a win for the dentist, it is reviewed by
    other Dental Justice members in the same field of practice to determine whether the expert
    testimony violated professional ethical standards. If the answer is yes, Dental Justice
    directly pursues sanctions in extralegal venues. This benefit inures not only to the member
    in question, but also to all members, by preventing unethical parties from causing future
    harm to others. Dental Justice will also, if warranted, allocate up to $100,000 to pursue a
    counterclaim directly against the proponent of the lawsuit.

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Dental Justice makes my clients EASY to defend.
Douglass S. Lodmell, J.D., LL.M. —
Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C